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Top 5 Special Edition Halloween Candies

As the fall holiday season approaches, Halloween-themed candies are popping up on grocery shelves and fueling my addiction to limited/special-edition products. Here are five that deserve some space in your trick-or-treat sack.

5. Ghost DOTS. While regular DOTS never really made me kick up my heels, I really like the "Bat," "Candy Corn," and "Ghost" varieties that have been released for Halloween. The ambiguous "fruit" flavor of these candies is just fine; even better, though, is their deathly green glow.

4. Chocolate Dipped Orange Chicks. Peeps offers an assortment of marshmallow candies in Halloween shapes (e.g., ghosts and pumpkins), but the Halloween chicks have the additional virtue of being dipped in either milk or dark chocolate. Not to be missed, also, are these neat-o recipes.

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3. Caramel Apple Milk Ways. I stumbled upon these at Party City in New York, but according to web sources, they should be available nationwide. The apple flavor, albeit fake, adds a wonderful dimension to the layer of caramel and just a little bit o' autumnal spice.

2. Candy Corn M&M's. From everything I've heard, candy corn Oreos are a giant fail; candy corn M&M's, surprisingly, aren't too bad. Cocoa lovers won't adore their white chocolate flavor, but anyone with a penchant with colorful, sugary cream candies will want to eat them by the handful or use them to snazz up cookie dough.

1. Cadbury Screme Eggs. Finally, an excuse to eat Cadbury Eggs at Halloween. I mean, not that I don't regularly throw some in the freezer at Easter for postponed consumption, but by October those eggs really have that not-so-fresh-feeling. The Screme Eggs appropriately boast a white and green center, which means if you bite into one, there's a good chance you'll have green ooze on your chin. Cool.

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