Top 5 Spots to Stay Away From: UH Area

A lot of great places to eat have sprung up around UH campus lately. This article, however, is not about those places. Below is our top 5 spots to stay away from. Bon appetit!

Chili's Too - Located in the University Center, this place has a reputation for being just what Chili's does best - bland. It has beer, which used to be the main selling point for most students. Once the Den opened, however, this is no longer the best place to grab a beer. It's now the place to take your parents to get a beer.

Chinese Star - There are some folks who still love this place, and people who go when they want bad Chinese, but that is exactly what it is... bad Chinese. We have yet to eat here and not regret it.

Wendy's on Cullen - Cold fries, bad attitudes, and emails from UH police of robberies of people waiting in the drive thru. Yes, it's fast food, whatever. There should never have to be fear involved with crappy fast food.

Steve's Cafe - This was once the shining star of UH's culinary choices, serving up decent pho and bahn mi. That was, until the owners sold it. There is a reason we all go to Cali instead.

Subway on Scott - Do yourself a favor and go to the Subway in the Law building instead. Last time, we had the pleasure of getting ill from moldy cucumbers and a lovely feeling of bubble guts after our sweet onion teriyaki sandwich.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.