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Top 5 Super Bowl Snacks You Should Buy Online

For many, including this writer, the Super Bowl is as much about food as it is about football. And while snacks from the grocery store are just fine for most any gathering, sometimes I like to add a little swank to my Super Bowl feast. Here are five stellar gourmet snacks to order for your party:

5. Cheese Lovers' Appetizer Collection (Dean & Deluca). Although I agree with the Huffington Post that there is no place for a pretentious cheese plate at your football party, I at the same not would certainly NOT advise avoiding cheese altogether. Pizza and queso are familiar options, but for something schmancier, go for this assorted collection of phyllo pockets filled with brie and apple chutney, figs and goat cheese, or Stilton and cranberry. And, hey, you'll even get a serving of fruit for the day.

4. Assorted Sausage Snacks (Hickory Farms). People seem to go gaga over Hickory Farms during holidays, but then a month later conveniently forget that consuming smoked meat products is appropriate for celebrating a touchdown as well as the birth of Christ. I recommend the ham summer sausage, the mini beef sausage snacks (good for sharing) or any of the collection boxes that pair Hickory Farms' smoked cheddar with the meat.

3. Pot Pie Bites (Williams-Sonoma). Ah, Williams-Sonoma. Y'all create food products I didn't even know I desired. If you don't have time to make your own family-size pot pie, it might be worth it to fork over some moolah for these chicken, beef or vegetable pot pie "bites" with béchamel filling in puff pastry. They're more crust than filling, but that's the best part anyway, yes?

2. Four Dip Sampler (Harry & David). If you already skipped ahead to No. 1 on this list and committed to an order, I strongly suggest you follow up by purchasing this sampler -- don't want to be dunking that gourmet herbal chip into some Helluva Good. Harry & David offers a wide range of flavors (garlic Parmesan, honey mustard, wasabi, sesame honey, garlic smoked mozzarella, spinach artichoke, to name a few), and dip-happy fans can order four of their choice for around $30.

1. Basically Anything From The Gourmet Chip Company. Craving crisps but bored with BBQ and Sour Cream & Onion? How about some hand-cut kettle-style ships flavored with white truffle oil, rosemary, thyme, basil and sea salt? Or some sweet potato chips covered in Belgian milk chocolate and dark chocolate shavings? These and other inventive varieties are all available at the Gourmet Chip Company. Thank God they offer shipping, or else I might have to move to North Carolina.

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