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Top 5 Sweets of Sugar Land

Imperial Sugar may not actually produce sugar in Sugar Land anymore, but even as dust collects on the factory smokestacks and the museum leads tours through the old warehouse, there are still a number of bakeries, breweries and cafes making Sugar Land's namesake proud.

5. Dessert Gallery is an itch that never should have scratched, especially because, unlike a lot of places in Sugar Land, it's open late. We recommend chocolate-dipped chocolate cookies, white chocolate Oreo truffles, and basically anything with raspberry icing for those weak moments at 11 p.m. that often involve sweat pants.

4. Cupcake Café is the only place where I would ever eat a cupcake with a fork -- not because it's uptight (there is in fact a giant upside down cupcake hanging from the ceiling), but because each dessert on the Jumbo Cupcakes menu is about the size of four regular cupcakes combined. The list of flavors is equally large and includes red velvet, chocolate cherry cordial, orange dream and tres leches.

3. Sandy McGee's is technically on the Richmond side of the Brazos, but for desserts like this we're willing to travel. Sandy's serves huge cakes and pies - the display stand even has a warning label for it. Their Mexican fudge cake is perfection laced with cinnamon and pralines.

2. BJ's BrewhouseAlthough there are a variety of reasons to go to BJ's Brewhouse, such as the deep-dish pizzas and rotating seasonal beer series (this month it's Pumpkin Ale), BJ's happens to make a mean Pizookie. In a classic case of dessert cannibalism - in which one cookie is ground up to make another -- the Cookies 'n Cream Oreo Pizookie is unbelievable. It's all very wrong in a Soylent Green sort of way, and all very right mixed with melting vanilla bean ice cream and Oreo whipped cream.

1. Austin has Amy's; Sugar Land has Maggie Moo's. Basics like strawberry, dark chocolate and pistachio are rich and decadent, with an intensity of flavor hard to find elsewhere. We recommend the Cinnamoo, which tastes a lot like a creamy, frozen version of Crave's cinnamon cupcakes.

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