Top 5 Things to Buy at Spec's Besides Booze

Teetotalers need not wait in the car while their friends are making a booze run at Spec's. The multi-location outlet may be most well known for its beer, wine, and liquor selection, but there are many items on offer that you should also consider putting in your shopping cart. And none of them will give you a hangover.

5. Interesting Sodas. If you're looking for a soft beverage to enjoy from Spec's, skip the overpriced juices and instead pick up a bottle or six-pack of one of many non-mainstream varieties of pop in the refrigerator case. From super spicy imported ginger beers to regional coke varieties to Cheerwine, the pride and joy of South Carolina, there's plenty of non-alcoholic fizz to satisfy your thirst.

4. Snack Mixes. Those who find themselves frequenting certain watering holes just because of the complimentary nibble mixes they offer will rejoice in the snack aisle of Spec's. In addition to stocking every make and model of salted/roasted nut, the store also has an assortment of cracker, chip, pretzel, and UCT (Unidentified Crunch Thing) mixes. My favorite is the political incorrectly titled "Oriental Mix."

3. Glassware. Mason jars, pint glasses, whiskey snifters, and hundreds of other vessels for your favorite liquids can be purchased at Spec's, and thank God for that because I wouldn't be caught dead sipping merlot out of a white glass glass. See Spec's discount outlet for especially good bargains.

2. Chocolate. All cocoa creations great and small ranging from "After Eight" mints (you remember those from your grandparents' house, yes) to Ritter Sport to chocolate-covered cranberries. True story: one time I got so preoccupied with selecting chocolate bars that I completely forget the primary purpose of my Spec's visit: to pick up a six-pack for my better half. The husband was cranky but mollified upon some consumption of truffles.

1. Sandwiches. Long to lunch in a liquor store? Spec's has you covered, with multiple locations containing an in-house deli that vends prepared foods as well as gourmet, made-to-order sandwiches such as the "Mid-towner" (roast beef, Jarlsberg cheese, tomato on an onion roll) or the "Homerun Pastrami Melt" on toasted rye.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.