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Top 5 Underrated Burgers in Houston (According to You)

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Well, Houston, you've proven your love of burgers yet again.

More than 1,100 people voted in our poll to determine which burgers in Houston don't get their fair due, and the results are in. It actually wasn't even close for first place, either. Forty-five votes separate first and second places, though the rest of the votes were a little closer.

Some of you wondered in the comments how the winner of last year's burger bracket, Rainbow Lodge, could be underrated. My answer? I don't know, guys, you picked these spots! I do think that all of the options were good ones, though, as they aren't places I would have immediately thought of when wanting a great burger.

Of course, they are now. And I'm on a mission to try them all.

Without further ado, here are the most underrated burgers in Houston.

5. Just Burgers Owned by Ambrose Pina and his wife, Amber, Just Burgers's motto is "Life is too short to eat bad burgers." The small restaurant, which opened in 2012, has a simple menu of 12 burgers and a few other offerings like fires and milkshakes. Commenter gimp_725 writes, "Just Burgers in Spring is by far the best burger joint in the northwest area of Harris County. When you ask why it goes like this: 1. Fresh daily ground beef 2. Toasted pretzel buns baked fresh 3. Seasoned fries 4. Meals include a drink 5. Exceptional customer service." Commenter eric.d.raines recommends the Slap Yo' Momma burger (as did many other commenters), writing, "The Slap Yo Momma (patty, cheese, ancho, BBQ, Tabasco, and an onion ring) is amazing (as are all the other burgers). The avocado fans on top of the California burger are an art in themselves. Onion rings are hand battered and made with red onions for a distinctly different and awesome flavor. Lots of great burgers in Houston...this one doesn't get nearly enough credit!"

4. Petrol Station Though it's first and foremost a craft-beer destination, Petrol Station has garnered a devoted following for its awesome burgers as well. "Rancor at Petrol Station," writes commenter uthmedstoodent of the favorite burger on the menu. "Meaty burger with relatively simple seasonings. Incredible Angus beef patty. And that special fried egg makes a fun mess of the burger." The rancor burger is indeed one of the messiest in town, and you have to nearly unhinge your jaw in order to take a bite that encompasses the whole thing. Don't forget a side of garlic Parmesan fries and a cold brewski to wash it all down.

3. Listos Restaurant "Listos on Howard Drive for sure! Some of my 'burger snob' friends have been converted by these awesome burgers and fries!" writes commenter rgpeters76. Many people echoed that sentiment--so many, in fact, that some other commenters thought there was something fishy going on. But nope, Listos just has some really passionate fans, and with amazing and inexpensive cheeseburgers (not to mention great tacos), it's easy to see why. Angelle V. Jeansonne writes, "Listos on Howard Ave is my favorite burger place. I stop by every time I go to Houston. Everything is fresh--burger cooked awesome and melts like butter. I want one right now!" Me too, Angelle. Me too.

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2. Flip 'n Patties As the only food truck to make this list, Flip 'n Patties should be mighty proud. The Filipino street food and fusion burger truck grinds the meat for its burgers right there on the truck and sandwiches the patties between two steamed buns. They may not look like your average burgers, and they arent--they're better. Commenter dwallach writes, "The other day, I ran into the Flip 'n Patties food truck and had their 'Puet Burger,' which includes much pork goodness in the patty, making it a variant on a squealer. Very tasty, and props for thick-cut fries with the skin still on. No exaggeration: this place gives Stanton City Bites a run for its money." Speaking of Stanton's City Bites...

1. Stanton's City Bites The crowd has spoken. With nearly 20 percent of the vote, Stanton's City Bites is the clear winner of most underrated burger in Houston. The small shop was established in 1961 as a grocery store, but it soon became clear that its true calling was prepared food, not groceries. The owner, Art Fong, passed away last year, but his wife, Theresa, is still in the back frying up heavenly burgers daily. Anon4790 wrote, "Stanton's City Bites, bacon cheeseburger. Ground in-house, 1/2 pound, Slow Dough buns. It shouldn't be underrated since Houstonia had it as the cover-burger on its hamburger issue last summer...But no one here has nominated it yet, and it wasn't on the Houston Press's list (tsk, tsk)." We hear you, Anon, and we hope this rectifies the situation. Now lets all put aside our differences and hit up Stanton's for a Miss Piggie burger!

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