Top 5 Waffle Iron Recipes NOT for Waffles

If you're the proud owner of a waffle-maker but on occasion worry you're not maximizing the value of your purchase because you don't eat waffles morning, noon, and night, never fear. This wondrous invention can do so much more than mold batter into breakfast or brinner fare. Check out these top five recipes for non-waffle waffle-iron foods.

5. Cinnamon Rolls. For those who value an-adequate-to-excessive amount of cream cheese frosting on their cinnamon rolls. (Not for those unimaginative bastards wedded to the traditional cinnamon roll shape.) The waffled surface of the iron not only adds texture to the roll, but also, and more important, creates multiple wells into which extra icing can collect.

4. Hash Browns. Cooking hash browns on a waffle iron, instead of the stovetop, produces a relatively more even degree of doneness, as well as a more uniformly brown top baked layer. One hash brown "waffle" may also be broken up into four servings that can then be used as bases for eggs Benedict.

3. Eggs. Kids, who I find especially get a kick out of eating foods that masquerade as other foods (e.g., hamburger cake), may go bonkers for these eggs that look like waffles (or waffles that taste like eggs). Note: I am not endorsing the new portmanteau inspired by this food, the wafflette.

2. Grilled Cheese. Do you struggle with using a panini press or constantly second-guess yourself as to when to flip that grilled cheese? Eliminate these and other sources of sandwich anxiety by using your waffle iron to cook each side of the bread evenly and ensure a crispy, buttery exterior and soft, gooey interior.

1. Pizza. It's not terribly surprising folks are using their waffle irons to make pizza pockets, but it took some innovation to figure out how to best create the classic pie. One method is outlined in detail here; you'll need to finish off the pizza in the oven to melt the toppings. This, however, does not mean you defeated the purpose of using the iron in the first place, for the crust that eventually emerges boasts an oh-so-worth-it oily nooks-and-crannies landscape.

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