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Top 5 Ways to Use Halloween Candy

Let's face it, eating Halloween candy plain can get old really fast. Sure, we all love the variety in miniature chocolate bars, the fun-size packs of M&Ms and Skittles or the endless amounts of candy corn, but sometimes we need to spice things up a bit.

Here's my top five list of ways to use your Halloween candy this holiday season.

5. Candy Bar Mocha

Make yourself an at-home mocha by simply dropping your favorite chocolate miniature candy bar into a cup of coffee. The miniature candy bars are perfect for an average-size cup of coffee. If you love the simplicity of chocolate, add a Hershey's bar, a Crunch bar or a Krackel bar. You'll want something that is pure chocolate, so you won't have random pieces of cookie or nuts at the bottom of your coffee cup.

4. Candy Bar Milkshake

Now, if your favorite candy bars have cookies, caramel or other layers of sugar, try them in a milkshake. Just as you would blend milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup, add all of these ingredients, plus your favorite candy bar. You can make a peanut butter-chocolate milkshake by adding Reese's, or you can add Kit Kat bars for a crunchy chocolate cookie milkshake. The possibilities are endless.

3. Candy Cookies

Who says you can only add chocolate chips to cookies? Crush candy bars into bite-size pieces and add them to your cookie dough instead of the classical choice of chocolate chips or raisins. If you want to add something other than chocolate, try candy corn or Skittles in sugar cookies.

2. Candy Bar Brownies

Brownies are great as they are, but they're even better with a gooey candy bar layered in the middle. Choose a candy that evenly melts and has creamy ingredients so your brownies are extra gooey. I love peppermint patties or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in the middle of my brownies. They are soft enough to melt, but still hold together inside the brownies.

You can also top the brownies with even more goodies, like M&Ms or crushed-up pieces of chocolate candy bars.

1. Candy Bar Bark

I love bark of any kind. Whether it is white chocolate, chocolate, dark chocolate or almond, I am all over it. The wonderful thing about making bark is that you can use pretty much anything you have on hand. So, for all of that leftover candy you will soon have, you can add it to melted chocolate or white chocolate for an irresistibly good treat. Try crushed up chocolate bars, pieces of candy corn or M&Ms with something salty and crunchy like pretzels or nuts.

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