Top 5 Worst Fast Food Commercials

Fast food commercials are often complete head scratchers, reaching new levels of stupidity and crudeness. Here are five fairly recent offenders.

5. Taco Bell's Shrimp Blogger

When's the last time you've seen a non-annoying Taco Bell ad? You haven't, they don't exist. This one is borderline recent (it ran in the past year). It documents the trials and tribulations of a shrimp blogger. Really? I had no idea the shrimping industry warranted its own blogger. I'd be out of material after three entries. Anyway, he scours the planet in search of shrimp and all things shrimp-related. It was only a matter of time before he stumbled upon Taco Bell's shrimp taco. Lucky for us.

4. McDonald's Monopoly Dude

Dude is way too excited about playing McDonald's version of Monopoly. The very thought of peeling back a game piece makes his arm hair stand up. Let's hope that's all that stands up. Hey ohhh!

3. Every Burger King Commercial Featuring The King

My goodness, this company mascot scares the piss out of me. Why on earth would anyone at Burger King or their ad agency think some whacked-out, creepy king would make us want to eat more burgers? Burger King has thankfully put those commercials to rest, but now has some flute-wielding jackalope leading a breakfast army brigade. At least it's a slight improvement.

2. Subway's Jared...He's Back

Did he ever really leave? Nope. Easily one of the worst, yet undeniably popular pitchmen in advertising history is at it again. Rumors of increased tubbiness now have Jared training for the New York Marathon. I'm sure his mother and recent bride are very proud. The rest of us could give a shizz. Strike that, turns out he's got The Jared Foundation. Others do care.

1. Jack in the Box: ED

Wow, talk about pushing the limits of bad taste. And I'm not talking about the food. Jack in the Crack's latest boob tube installation has Jack chilling with Mama during breakfast time. Jack's pushing his breakfast croissant sandwiches in this one. Just when you think that's the obscene part, the old man walks into the kitchen, looks down at his junk, and proclaims: "Patty, call the doctor...it's been more than four hours."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.