Top Five Giggle-Worthy Cocktail Names

I can definitely order a Cosmopolitan or a Sazerac with a straight face (unless I happen to be on my third one). But a "Boob Grabber"? Here are my Five Favorite Giggle-Worthy Cocktail Names.

5. Monkey Piss (amaretto, banana liqueur, pineapple juice). If I ever ordered this drink, my grammarian tendencies would probably compel me to say not "I'd like a Monkey Piss," but rather "I'd like some Monkey Piss." Which is both confusing and amusing.

4. Jesus Juice (whisky, vodka, lager, hard cider, blackcurrant squash). Given the amount of alcohol in this drink, I'm guessing its name has something to do with the fact that you feel rather divine after a whole glass.

3. Purple Nurple (coconut rum, triple sec, blue curacao liquor, cranberry juice). "Purple Nurple" makes me think of Sesame Street, which then makes me think of drunk Muppets, which then makes me laugh. I wonder if Grover likes his straight up or on the rocks.

2. Barbie's Bathwater (raspberry vodka, strawberry syrup, sprite). The idea of drinking bathwater should be disgusting, but somehow the idea of imbibing the pink dregs of Barbie's tub never ceases to entertain me. Here's hoping, however, this drink is never served warm.

1. Duck Fart #2 (coffee liqueur, Bailey's, whiskey). It's "#2" that really gets me. I love the idea of the lingering aroma (taste?) of Duck Fart #1 prompting one to order a second round. Also, technically, isn't this a shart? I thought so.

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Joanna O'Leary