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Top Ten Food & Sex Scenes in the Movies

Dinner and a movie at home can be very romantic - especially with the right food and the right flick. Here's a list of the Top Ten Food & Sex Scenes in the Movies to consider while planning your "quiet" evening at home.

1. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

The scene with Kim Bassinger in front of the refrigerator will have you naked and feeding each other fresh fruit in no time.

Food to have on hand: strawberries

2.Tampopo (1985)

The scene where they pass the egg yolk back and forth from mouth to mouth is pretty hot, but so is the sake in the woman's belly button.

Food to have on hand: ramen, raw eggs and sake

3. Tom Jones (1963)

This is the one that started it all. Albert Finney licks his chicken bones and Joyce Redman looks like she's making love to an apple. The oyster slurping is over the top.

Food to have on hand: anything edible

4. Varsity Blues (1999)

Ali Larter in a whipped cream bikini suggests all sorts of things to do with dessert toppings.

Food to have on hand: whipped cream

5. Like Water for Chocolate (1993)

There is a quick sequence of events that begins with Gertrudis eating the quail in rose petal sauce, after which her hot body causes the outhouse to burst into flames, and then she rides away with a rebel soldier naked and facing backward on horseback.

Food to have on hand: quail in rose petal sauce

6. Woman on Top (2000)

Penelope Cruz having phallic-looking chile peppers rubbed on her oversize lips is hot, but so is the whole movie.

Food to have on hand: chile peppers

7. Flashdance (1983)

Jennifer Beals giving a blow job to a lobster tail in a nice restaurant provides a not-so-subtle seduction scenario.

Food to have on hand: lobster

8. (tie) Henry and June (1990)

Uma Thurman sharing a glass of wine with Maria de Medeiros is hot, but this whole movie is steamy.

Food to have on hand: wine

8. (tie) Jamon Jamon (1993)

Pork-loving Jordi Molla compares the taste of Penelope Cruz's breasts to a good ham.

Food to have on hand: proscuitto or Serrano ham

9. Women in Love (1969)

The scene in which Alan Bates eats a ripe fig while comparing it to the properly aroused female part is sensational.

Food to have on hand: figs

10. La Grande Bouffe (1973)

Renting a hooker and ordering a pizza? See if you can find this cynical satire of gourmet overindulgence starring Marcello Mastroianni. It's a very black story about four friends who hire some prostitutes and set out to eat and fuck themselves to death in the French countryside.

Food to have on hand: turkey leg

Honorable mentions: In Chocolat (2000), Juliette Binoche loosens up an uptight French village with magic chocolate candies - there're no steamy erotic scenes, but it falls in the genre and is a good choice if you are eating bon-bons anyway. No Reservations (2007), starring Catherine Zeta-Jones as a sexy chef who falls in love with her sous chef, is a remake of a German film called Mostly Martha. Both explore the theme of a dominating, stressed-out bitch making her puppy dog underling sit up and beg for treats. - Robb Walsh

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