Torta Trend: We Call Dibs

A recent item in Details magazine declared the torta the next trendy sandwich, following on the heels of the banh mi and before that, the panini. The article continued with the best places to get one, and drew attention to a sandwich in Oregon made with ciabatta. Newsflash, Yankees: We've been eating tortas for years, and we like our three kinds of meat, guacamole and refried beans on telera bread, thank you very much.

Here are a few highlights from our illustrious, torta-eating history:

  • All the way back in 1997, Jim Sherman pondered why the torta hadn't become more popular, given America's penchant for sandwiches.
  • Robb Walsh tried the torta Cubana ala Mexicana at Mi Tienda. It's a towering variation of Miami's pressed Cuban sandwich.
  • Breakfast torta, anyone? We recommended La Guadalupana, where the bread is baked in-house and the egg and chorizo combination is delicious.
  • More recently, Robb Walsh explored his personal history with the torta (which began in Oregon? C'mon, Robb!) and recommended a few good options such as the Pepito at Tortas El Angel on Shepherd.

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