Totally Bar: Stag's Head's Sausage Rolls

What could be better than two pork sausages wrapped with puff pastry, two scoops of mashed potatoes covered with brown gravy and a pile of English peas? Chasing it all down with a cold pint of beer, that's what.

We were drinking at the Stag's Head Pub when we decided it was time to eat. We usually get the fired zucchini or a big juicy burger, but we were adventurous and ordered the sausage rolls. Talk about good old fashioned British drunk fare. The sausage rolls were wrapped in buttery pastry and the spicy pork inside was scrumptious. The mashed potatoes were very ... bar. It's a dish you can only get in a pub, and chasing it down with beer is essential. If you can get past ordering fish and chips, the sausage rolls are where it's at.

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