Traditional American Breakfast with a Side of Breakfast

We had one of the best -- or at least biggest -- biscuits ever at Annie's Hamburgers on Sunday. What they should call this place is Annie's Hamburgers and Really Good Breakfast. This little neighborhood eatery on South Post Oak is tucked away inside a strip-mall that time has forgotten. The dining room is homely, and on Sunday mornings it is mostly full of locals with sleep still in their eyes and churchgoers wearing their Sunday best, like the man in a mustard-colored suit with matching patent leather shoes.

The breakfast menu is a sign hanging from the ceiling behind the counter with numbered offerings on it. After waiting in a short, fast-moving line, we gave our order to the woman behind the register, who was wearing a pink bandanna. She announced it on the PA even though the other employees were close enough to hear her without the microphone.

We ordered the No. 1 -- two eggs, bacon, a biscuit and hash browns for $5.75 -- with a No. 4 -- a country biscuit and gravy for $4.55 -- on the side. Really, just trying to finish the mountain of cream gravy and crumbled pork product on top of two John Deer size biscuits was a challenge in itself. But we like a side of breakfast with our breakfast.

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