Here, Eat This

Travel the World With Baja Berryhill Grill's September Taco of the Month

Chicken tacadobo. While it's hard to say this cute portmanteau three times fast, it's very easy to eat the taco to which this moniker refers in no time flat. 

Beginning in June 2015, Berryhill Baja Grill kicked off its "Taco of the Month" series, and we've been enjoying the rotating specials ever since with no "official" favorite in sight (though the "TnT" that features a deep-fried tamale comes awfully close).

The Chicken Tacadobo is yet another fantastic creation by Berryhill's chef Andrew Hradecky, who called upon that fantastic, transnational cooking method known as adobo for inspiration. This culinary practice of marinading and/or seasoning meat with various spices (pepper, paprika, oregano, etc.) and/or vinegar as a means of preservation and maximization of taste is common to Spain, Portugal and their former colonies. In the Chicken Tacadobo, shredded fowl is slow-cooked until tender in Berryhill's own house-made adobo sauce, then topped with guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, cotija cheese and cilantro. With a lovely balance of diverse botanical and savory flavors and soothing dairy notes, this taco is a great example of cosmopolitan comfort food.

By the way, if you can't get enough of Berryhill's Tacos, consider cheering them on at the 2016 Tacolandia, a taco festival that brings together purveyors from across the country who specialize in stuffed tortilla goodness.
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Joanna O'Leary