Treat Yourself: Five Houston Culinary Splurges for a Decadent Holiday Feast

It's the holiday season. A time for gift giving and celebration. A time for splurging, right? After all, you've worked hard this year. You deserve a reward. And what better way to reward yourself than with a blow-your-mind meal?

Behold, our top picks for decadent foodie splurges in Houston.

5. Whole fresh Alaskan king crab at Fung's Kitchen, ~$400+ ($50/per pound for 7-12 pound king crab) If you love eating crab, you know that eating fresh crab is one of the ultimate foodie pleasures. The quality of the crab meat is so sweet that it's positively sinful. At Fung's Kitchen, you don't just get the run-of-the-mill variety crab. You can order the king of all crabs: live, whole Alaskan king crab. The approximately ten-pound king crab can be prepared in three ways, and can serve several people. Just call in advance to make sure it's available, and then let the crab party begin.

4. Toro kama at Kata Robata, ~ ($1 per ounce, approximately 30 to 60 ounces) It's rich, it's smoky, it's incredibly flavorful, and there are usually only one or two available each week. If scarcity is one of those things that you hanker for, call Kata Robata and reserve their toro kama. Known only to die-hard sushi eaters, the kama, or collar area, of the blue fin tuna is as marbled and fatty as the prized belly, or o-toro. Chef Manabu Horiuchi and his team grill the kama on authentic bincho tan Japanese coals to yield one of the most decadent preparations of fish you'll ever have the pleasure of tasting.

3. Whole lobe of foie gras from Provisions, $125 Foie gras may be banned in California, but here in Houston, foie gras is still king. If you love the delicacy, why stop at ordering just a small tranche? At Seth Siegel-Gardner and Terrence Gallivan's Provisions, you can order the whole lobe. Over the top? Absolutely. Blow-your-mind decadent? Mais, bien sûr. Get the whole thing delivered to your table in all its gloriousness and get ready to feast. (Sharing is recommended.)

2. Dry-aged long bone-in Kobe rib eye steak at Killen's Steakhouse, $98 There are tomahawk steaks, and then there is the dry-aged long bone-in Kobe beef rib eye from Killen's steakhouse. Weighing from 32 to 36 ounces, this Fred Flintstone-style heavyweight contender is fantastically proportioned to satisfy your wildest steak dreams. Though it sounds big enough for two to share, the succulent, flavorful meat is so tender and richly flavored that you'll want to hoard it for yourself.

1. White Alba truffle soufflé at Tony's, $59. Splurge on the white alba truffle soufflé (created this year for white truffle season), and you just might die a happy food death. I speak from experience: I got one for my birthday, and it was without a doubt the best thing I put in my mouth all year. Light and fluffy, every bite of the incredibly savory soufflé is accompanied by the true scent and flavor of freshly shaved white Alba truffle. Words do not do it justice: It's something you should experience at least once in your life. Absolutely. Totally. Divine.

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