Treats Aren't Just For Kids: Top Five Halloween Candy for Adults

Kids don't have a monopoly over Halloween anymore -- it seems like every year adults are putting the kids to bed earlier so they can enjoy a little fun of their own. Besides the over-the-top costumes and all-night debauchery, adults enjoy candy as much as the next kid. If adults went trick-or-treating these would be the top five candies I'd hand out to adults-only.

5. Anything shaped like a penis or boobs Ok, let's just get the obvious out of the way. It's juvenile and immature but who doesn't like a cheap laugh every once in awhile -- and nothing gets a cheap laugh like a penis shaped lollipop. Let's take these novelty items relegated to bachelor and bachelorette parties and have them join the Halloween fun. Just don't let your kids get a hold of them -- that's just bad parenting.

4. Pez Sure kids like Pez too -- it's a toy and a candy in one, but because the actual candy isn't all that great (who likes mildly fruit flavored chalk?) the novelty quickly wears off for kids. The novelty is exactly why this is a candy for adults --adults who hide behind collecting as a way to still play with toys. In this case playing with toys can lead to a $30,000 collectible.

3. Pate de Fruits French for fruit paste, this fancy french candy is unbelieveably addictive. Pate de fruits is real fruit concentrated into jelly candies and coated with a fine sugar. You're probably imagining those orange slices covered in sugar you can get 2 for $1, but those are not even close to real pate de fruits. Those are all sugar and no substance. The best pate de fruits have a smooth texture and bursts with just the right amount of sweetness from real fruit purees. These are for the sophisticated adults that don't eat "candy".

2. Pothead Ring Pots There's controversary over this marijuana-shaped candy just in time for Halloween. Similar to ring pops, but instead of the large diamond, the Pothead Ring Pots are in the shape of a marijuana leaf. The word marijuana is not displayed on the packaging but the word legalize and a picture of what some would say was a stoner is prominent. Oh the irony of eating marijuana shaped candy when the munchies hit. But parents are worried it could be a gateway candy -- kids could start eating candy in the form of powder next.

1.Chocolate Liquor Bottles I mean that really says it all. Chocolate is perhaps the one thing kids and adults can agree on -- but this is made strictly for adults with the addition of a little kick. Though the similar wax bottle candies are something no one should hand out to trick-or-treaters a bowl of these should be left at out any adult Halloween get together.

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