Truck Truck Gourmet: Antojitos Hondureños

The big white bus called Antojitos Hondureños #2 on Fondren just south of Bellaire is pretty impressive. There were three people working in the kitchen and a steady stream of customers. Antojitos Hondureños #1 is located up north off I-45, the guy at the window told me. Yes, they sell tacos, but most of the customers at this taco bus seemed to be more interested in the $7 lunch plates.

I followed the crowd and went with the carne asado con tajadas (fried green plantains). The dish came with refried beans and a lot of gorgeous garnishes, including pickled pink onions, pico de gallo, shredded cabbage and carrots, a square of fresh cheese and lime wedges. But the meat was very chewy and not very flavorful. I'm thinking the starchy fried green bananas must be an acquired taste. It was a good lunch, but not a great lunch.

I plan on going back to this truck to try again. Next time I'll get the enchiladas, the meat pies and the tacos -- unless you have other suggestions.

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