TRUly Good Booze

Although I have been eating organic for many years, the idea of drinking organic had not really permeated my brain until maybe a year ago. Even then, finding organic spirits was somewhat of a hassle, especially if I wanted something that was actually drinkable and affordable. After visiting with the cool folks at Sugarcane and speaking with the Dulce Vida representative, I began to realize that there really was something to the idea of choosing organic alcohol. Not only did I get to finally slightly self-righteous about my "healthier" cocktail, but I was also doing something good for the growers and the earth. Make mine a vodka soda with a splash of hippie.

As such, I was pleased to discover Tru Spirits. I first fell in love with the floral shots created by Chef Bob at Community that used Theia Organic Jasmine Liqueur and tasted like summer rain (in the best possible way). I later found out they also make Crism, a heavenly Hibiscus Liqueur, and Citry, which tastes like biting into a sweet orange. All three liqueurs are made from fresh, local flowers, oranges, teas, spices and cane sugar. They are delightful on their own and even better mixed in a cocktail or shot.

Tru Vodka is gathering somewhat of a cult following at bars around the country and after a taste of the stuff, I can see why. Though I am not usually a fan of imbibing straight alcohol, I had no problem sipping on the velvety smooth vodkas. The original is the perfect mixer, easily melting into a mellow press or holding its own in a martini. You also have the option of mixing things up a bit with their flavorful California Lemon or Bourbon Vanilla Bean options. Made with USDA Certified Organic American Wheat and vapor distilled water, the vodkas are seductively smooth and light.

Tru also makes a gin, called Tru2, which is infused with 14 organic botanicals, including lavender, vanilla beans, and cardamom. The gin is golden and spicy with an herby kick. It tastes the way gin should and goes down well even without a mixer. If you more of a rum aficionado, then try their Crusoe line of white and spiced rum. Made from fair trade, organic sugarcane, this is some of the cleanest and lightest rum available. The original will transform your Cuba Libre into the ultimate summer cocktail. The spiced version is bold and flavorful, made with molasses, nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove, vanilla, and orange zest. After trying this invigorating blend of spices, I will never again get a Captain n' Coke. Well, okay maybe I will, but I like Crusoe's version better.

So Tru's products are tasty and organic, but what makes them really stand out is their commitment to being green. For every bottle of Tru sold, the company plants a tree. And they really do it, too. They work with Harvest International to plant trees like spruce, mahogany, and juniper in Central America. The other products each had similarly cool incentives, but the company will soon implement the one bottle, one tree program with all its products. They also ensure that they maintain clean farmland and ground water when producing their products. They use lightweight, recycled, and recyclable materials for their bottles, and they educate their farmers and producers on the benefits of green production. Although we all know many companies that offer up lip service as to how environmental they are, Tru seems to actually be putting their money where their mouth is. So next time your mouth is looking for a little adult beverage treat, check out Tru's line of smooth, affordable, environmental products.

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