Try These 5 Absolutely Loaded Grilled Cheeses in Houston

If you're going to pay for grilled cheese, it better damn well be a step up from the white bread and American cheese number you can make yourself at home. These buttered-up, overloaded and cheesy as all hell sandwiches most definitely are...

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Mac & Grilled Cheese Where to get it: H-Town StrEATS

Grilled cheese goes full fatty with the red meat-, carb- and cheese-loaded "Shorty Mac." Two slices of buttery, golden-brown bread come absolutely stuffed with nutty Provolone, gooey macaroni and cheese, AND juicy, meltingly tender short rib. At $9, it's one punch-packing grilled cheese that is not to be missed.

Grilled Bacon & Pimiento Cheese Where to get it: Beaver's, 2310 Decatur

House-made pimiento tastes as creamy and cheesy as ever when stuffed inside two giant-size slices of Kraftsmen rye. Tack on loads of thick-cut bacon (and a cup of loaded baked-potato soup), and you have yourself a winner. Get the monster sandwich for $12.50.

Inside Out Grilled Cheese Where to get it: Brasserie 19, 1962 West Gray

This egg-topped croque-madame ($15) is like having an inside-out grilled-cheese sandwich...for brunch...in France. And every second of it is freaking divine. Two pieces of ultra-buttery grilled toast are stuffed with even more buttery ham, then topped with melted Gruyère, a rich and velvety béchamel, and a yolky sunny-side-up egg that is just asking to be broken.

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Grilled Cheese & Pesto Where to get it: Tiny Boxwood's, 3614 West Alabama

There's nothing tiny about this sandwich. In fact, it's so big, they have to cut it into three glorious pieces. Each piece of crisped sourdough is packed with a bright and nutty house pesto and loads of rich and gooey aged Gouda. Served with a hefty pile of shoestring frites and marinara, it's $11 well spent.

Carnitas Grilled Cheese Where to get it: The Golden Grill

This food truck most definitely lives up to its name. Every sandwich is griddled to the perfect golden-brown and buttery crunch. That is, after it gets stuffed with all kinds of heavenly things. Like slow-roasted pork, Monterey Jack and jalapeños. Get it for $9, then cry that you haven't done it sooner.

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