Try These 5 Absolutely Loaded Pizzas in Houston

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We often find the best pizzas are light on sauce, with just a few high-quality toppings scattered about. But we're not here to talk about those pizzas. We're here to talk about the sauced up, cheese-loaded, absolutely-smothered pies and slices that are completely outrageous, but oh-so-worth it. Because sometimes, a little over-indulgence is necessary.

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What: The 420 Slice Where: Pi Pizza Truck

While all of the hot and fresh slices from this dope pizza truck are piled pretty high, we'd be remiss not to include the chili, cheese and Frito-topped 420 in the list. The bigger than your head (it's 1/4 of the pie), bbq-sauced-slathered slice -- basically a stoner's dream come true -- is well worth $8.

What: The Carnissima Where to find it: Coppa Osteria Though not a real word, carnissima roughly translates to "most meaty" in Italian. With mounds of spicy crumbled sausage, prosciutto, cured coppa, salumi toscano, and pepperoni (yes, that's five meats), we'd say "most meaty" sounds about right. Get a pie for $19.

What: Mac 'n Cheese Slice Where to find it: Slices and Ices

This Italian ice and pizza shop in Clear Lake makes some seriously good slices, but the mac and cheese pie takes the cake for gluttony. Every bite of this carb-laden gut-buster is covered with the ultra-gooey, cheesy-as-hell elbow pasta. Get it for $2.49 a slice.

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What: The Drunken Monkey Where to find it: Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

We're still not sure how this pie's ultra-thin lavash crust holds up all of fresh ricotta, mozzarella, thick-cut bourbon bacon, and smoked jalapeño that is piled onto it, but it's so good -- we don't really care! Get it for $15 and tack on a few glasses of wine. The drunken monkey would want that one.

What: Stuffed Crust Pie Where to find it: Pizaro's Pizza Napoletana

Good news, stuffed-crust lovers! You can actually get your pizza stuffed with high-quality ingredients instead of Pizza Hut's questionable cheese. Just head to Pizaro's for its Cornicione di Ricotta e Spinaci ($17), a margarita pie where every bit of crust comes loaded with sautéed spinach and creamy, house-made ricotta. It's basically like eating a calzone and a pizza all at once -- and we couldn't love it more.

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