Try These 5 Awesomely Delicious Kimchi-Packed Eats in Houston

Had enough turkey and stuffing to last you a lifetime? Us too. That's why we're sharing five insanely delicious Asian-fusion dishes stacked with of our favorite hot and sour Korean condiment, kimchi.

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Kimchi Dog Where to get it: Ladybird Food Truck

A plump and juicy Hill Country sausage, jam-like local kimchi, crushed sesame, Swiss cheese, and a fiery aioli -- all packed inside a sweet and buttery toasted bun -- make this food truck's Kimchi Dog ($8) a must try. Tack on an order of crispy Kimchi Tots for a doubly good time.

Kimchi Koagie Where to get it: Koagie Hots

This truck's been filling the streets with Korean-inspired hotness since 2012, so there's about zero reason for you to have not tried it yet. Chef Mat Pak makes the ultimate cheese steak ($9.50), which comes packed with piping hot bulgogi, provolone (or Cheese Whiz), grilled onions, sriracha mayo, and a secret weapon: his family's kimchi recipe that the truck makes inhouse.

Kimchi Ramen Where to get it: Miso Yummy

This food truck's Kimchi Ramen ($8) gives the classic Japanese noodle soup a kick of spice and tang with. Their fiery broth comes loaded with spinach leaves, poached egg, chewy noodles, hunks of fried chicken, and hot and sour kimchi, of course.

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Kimchi Burger Where to get it: Down House, 1801 Yale

Eight ounces of juicy-as-all-hell grass-fed Texas beef is made that much better by melted cheddar, bulgogi sauce, and a housmade kimchi that's equal parts crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy. A Slow Dough challah bun and soon-to-be-oozing sunny-side up egg don't hurt matters either. Get it alongside a pile of fries for $13 at lunch or $16 during brunch and dinner.

Kimcheese Fries Where to get it: Coreanos

We're thankful this Austin-born food truck -- which bills itself as "Mexican cuisine with Korean in between" -- opened up a second truck in Houston in 2012. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to get their Kimcheese Fries ($7) whenever we damn please. The thick and crisp taters come piled high with meltingly delicious pork belly, grated cheese, spicy caramelized kimchi, and their signature El Scorcho sauce, a creamy number made with garlic, chipotle, lime juice and mayo.

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