Try These 5 Monster Sandwiches in Houston

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From triple deckers loaded with slaw and delicatessen to a bbq number stacked with everything but the kitchen sink, here are five awesomely massive sandwiches to try in Houston:

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What: The Kitchen Sink Sandwich Where: Gatlin's BBQ

Come hungry if you want any hope of finishing this off-the menu special. The sloppy sandwich comes fully loaded with a crap ton of fiery housemade sausage and smoke-kissed brisket -- plus dirty rice, grilled onions and jalapeños, grated cheddar, and barbecue sauce.

What: The Fiddler on the Roof of Your Mouth Where: Kenny & Ziggy's

Sure we could have gone with the 4-lb Zellagabetsky, but let's be honest, you're not Shaquille O'Neal, and you're not finishing two of the monstrosities along with two slices of cheesecake. (You're also probably not spending $65 to give the challenge a try).

The still-massive but totally doable Fiddler on the Roof (or the Number 1, as you are meant to order it) is probably more your speed. The triple decker ($18.95 with a side) comes mountain high with meltingly-tender pastrami and corned beef, but add coleslaw and Russian dressing to really take it over the top.

What: The Hot Fried Chicken Sammich Where: H-Town Streets

Be ready to put in some work, because this two-hander ($8) comes with a piece of fried bird that's bigger than the massive bun itself. The crisp, golden chicken gets doused in hot sauce and stuffed inside with the usual suspects (lettuce, tomato, and pickles); then the whole thing gets finished with a healthy smear of spicy mayo. Make sure you grab napkins for this one.

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What: Wicked & Fat Phillys Where: Pappa Geno's

Philly cheesesteaks aren't meant to be small, so it's no surprise that this cheesesteak mecca makes some pretty monster-like subs. But it's not just big in size, the Wicked Philly ($7.49) packs some massive flavor, too. That's due to the loads of tender steak and onions, blankets of nutty provolone cheese, slather of mayo, and -- perhaps most importantly -- the seriously delicious and fiery-as-hell hot giardineira.

Of course, if you're feeling particularly gluttonous, you can opt for the Fat Philly ($8.99) -- which comes stacked with steak and onions, American cheese, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, fries, cheese whiz, and gravy. Good luck with that.

What: Grilled Pork Banh Mi Where: Hughie's Tavern and Vietnamese Grille

The flavors of the Far East meet the South at this Lazybrook-area tavern, where they serve a banh mi that's practically the size of Texas. The sandwich -- which comes absolutely packed with seriously delicious grilled pork and the standard bahn mi accoutrements -- is well worth the $5 price tag. Pro tip: you can also get two for $8, but we're guessing you don't need two.

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