Try These 5 More Absolutely Loaded Fries in Houston

We've already conveyed to you our love of loaded fries. But there are so many absolutely smothered fries running around this town, we had to take another crack at it.

Here are five more plates of cheese-drizzled, meat-laden, gravy-and-sauce-slathered fries:

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Hangover Fries Where to get them: Max's Wine Dive, 214 Fairview

Let us just start by saying that breakfast poutine should be a thing everywhere. At the Taft location of Max's Wine Dive, you can get your hangover with a side of poutine-style fries ($13.50) smothered with a rich, 8th Wonder brew-infused gravy, piled with melted redneck cheddar and topped with two ready-to-pop fried eggs. The dish makes for the perfect brunch appetizer (which should also be a thing everywhere because brunch appetizers are excellent) or extreme hangover solution.

Red Eye Fries Where to get them: Cook & Collins, 2416 Brazos

Remember two seconds ago when we spoke of brunch appetizers and how they were incredibly excellent? Same thing goes for this mountain of "red eye" fries ($9 at brunch). The crunchy boardwalk-style frites come absolutely drenched in spiced buffalo chili, bubbling cheddar cheese, whole grain mustard and an oozing sunny-side-up egg. Oh, and hot sauce, of course.

Kimchi Fries Where to get them: Koagie Hots

Curly fries go fully loaded with a slathering of creamy Sriracha mayo, crumbles of salty feta cheese, a scattering of green onions, and a healthy dollop of homemade, fresh and tangy kimchi. Each bite packs a punch of flavor that's hard to beat. Get them for $6.50 and be happy you did.

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Buffalo Fries Where to get them: Hubcap Grill, 1133 W. 19th

Four dollars will get you a plate full of Hubcap's incredibly crisp and fat hand-cut fries smothered in hot and buttery buffalo sauce and chunky and stinky blue cheese dressing. It's like eating wings without all the work. Or the sticky fingers.

Animal-Style Fries Where to get them: Bismillah Cafe, 5696 Hillcroft

California meets Pakistan at this casual Pakistani-American chaat house. The chubby taters ($4.99) come piled with sweet and tangy Thousand Island dressing and deeply grilled onions, just as the infamous In-N-Out fries are. But at Bismillah, the animal-style fries get an extra kick of flavor from the café's aromatic ten spice blend. It's a match made in heaven.

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