Try These 5 Outrageously Awesome Chicken Wings in Houston

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Wings of any kind are generally delicious, but these stuffed, twice-fried, seriously spicy and sticky-as-all-hell takes on wings really pump things up to the next level. And we can promise they are finger-licking good. Check them out:

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Award Winning Wings Where to get them: Sticky's Chicken

The winner of our 2014 Wingtoberfest was the stickiest, tastiest of them all. Coated in things such as teriyaki, sweet barbecue and buttery garlic sauce, this mobile eatery's chicken wings are wickedly crisp, piping hot and totally worth the sticky fingers.

Stuffed Wings Where to get them: Bun Bo Hue, 11209 Bellaire

This Vietnamese-style chicken — or canh ga rut xuong — is just another delicious reason to visit the Hong Kong mall. The lip-smackingly delectable wings get stuffed with pork paste, bean threads and chopped black fungus before being fried to a deep golden crisp.

Garden Fresh Wings Where to get them: Coltivare Pizza & Garden, 3320 White Oak

This Italian kitchen's chicken wings are charred, tender and garden-fresh. The greasy-in-a-good-way birds get tossed with rich and dark roasted jalapeños, lemon, and aromatic, straight-from-the-garden basil. The fresh herb brings a wave of sweetness, while the chile-infused lemon oil adds a pop of heat that gains traction with each beautiful mouthful.

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Ten Spice Wings Where to get them: Bismillah Cafe, 5702 Hillcroft

Screw five spices, ten spice wings are where it's at. Owner Inam Moghul's signature blend brings a firecracker smack of heat followed by a hint of sweetness to each and every bite. The seriously hot Pakistani blend may knock your socks off, but Moghul will adjust the heat levels as you please.

Twice-Fried Wings Where to get them: Dak & Bop, 1801 Binz

This newly opened Korean-style chicken joint is a much-welcomed addition to Houston. That's because its thinly coated, moist and tender fried chicken is crisp as all hell thanks to a double dip in the deep fryer. Get an order of wings smothered in seriously hot Hot 'n Spicy sauce, incredibly addictive Soy Garlic or their Half-and-Half, which is — you guessed it! — a mixture of the two.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.