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Try These 5 Outrageously Awesome Cocktails in Houston

From flaming drinks to bloodys with beer backs, here are 5 Outrageous Cocktails to Try in Houston:

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The Big O' Bloody Mary Where to get it: Down House, 1801 Yale

Down House's Big Ol' Bloody Mary comes with a fried chicken wing adornment and beer back. It doesn't get much more badass than that. Enjoy the seriously good and seriously spicy cocktail for $9 at brunch.

Bourbon Toddy Where to get it: Julep, 1919 Washington

Have a bit of the winter blues? Cozy up with this hot and boozy bourbon beverage ($12) on a cold winter night. With saffron honey and apricot liqueur adding a bit of exotic and Southern flair, you'll warm right up.

The Flaming Mai Tai Where to get it: Lei Low Bar, 6412 N. Main

Tikiphiles love this quirky island-style bar in Sunset Heights. That's because the cool as hell bar offers fancified tiki favorites made with inhouse syrups, fresh fruit, and things like housemade carbonated coconut water. Start with a sturdy flaming mai tai before moving on to chihuahua fizzes, zombies, and horchata coladas.

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Peanut Butter & Jelly 'Rita Where to get it: El Big Bad, 419 Travis

Not only does El Big Bad have house-infused tequilas that they make killer margaritas with, you can also tack on a floater of said tequilas. That's how you get this playful drink, made with a strawberry margarita and peanut butter tequila floater. You'll never look at peanut butter and jelly the same way again.

The Brave Where to get it: Anvil Bar & Refuge, 1424 Westheimer

This house favorite is one of the only cocktails that has been on every Anvil menu since it opened in 2009. And it's definitely named "The Brave" for a reason. That's because with mezcal, tequila, amaro and orange liquer, the $12 drink -- finished with aromatic bitters and a flamed orange peel -- will no joke knock you off your feet.

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