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Try These 5 Outrageously Awesome Doughnuts in Houston

We don't know about you, but last week's National Doughnut Day got our mouths watering for some of the doughy, freshly-fried goodstuff. Thankfully, awesome doughnuts seem to run rampant in this city. From beignet-like delights to something called "the Macon," here are 5 Seriously Outrageous Ways to curb your doughnut craving (besides with a Shipley’s plain glazed, obviously):

Where to get them: Weights + Measures, 2808 Caroline

These ultra pillowy and airy doughknots are reminiscent of the Crescent City’s famous beignets. Except they are drizzled with honey and dusted with cardamom sugar AND you don’t have to drive 5+ hours to get them. We’d call that a win. Get a plate of three for $5.

Orange Blossom-Honey Pistachio
Where to get it: Doughmaker Doughnuts

Beautifully bedecked and whimsical yellow cake varietals are the name of the game at this mobile doughnut heaven. You may want everything in the day’s lineup, but we can’t get enough of the salted pistachio-loaded, sweet and tart glazed Orange Blossom Honey Pistachio kind. Get it for $2 and eat happy.

Devils Food Cake
Where to get it: Hugs & Donuts, 901 N. Shepherd

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This newly opened doughnut shop from the guys behind H-town StrEATs dishes up a deeply rich and chocolaty dark chocolate cake doughnut complete with chocolate glaze and pretzel crunch. The dream can be yours for $2.50.

Where to get it: Glazed The Doughnut Cafe, 1333 Old Spanish Trail 

What happens when you take a light and soft, scratch-made doughnut, top it with a maple-glazed and bacon, and serve it 24 hours a day? A little piece of magic dubbed "the MACON" – that’s what! Get one for $2.49, then immediately put it on Instagram to make all of your friends insta-jealous. #theMACON

Filled Donut Holes
Where to get them: River Oaks Donuts, 3601 Westheimer

These little puffed up beauts come glazed and filled with everything from chocolate cappuccino cream and raspberry jam to lemon custard and red velvet cream cheese. And did we mention they’re only 30 to 40 cents a pop?
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