Try These 5 Seriously Awesome Hot Dogs in Houston

Everyone loves a good hot dog. And while of course a classic 'kraut and mustard topped weiner is good -- a dog loaded with chili and smashed into a bun along with potato salad is better. Here are five outrageous hot dogs that should definitely make it to your "must eat" bucket list.

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Fully Loaded Wild Game Dog Where to get it: Moon Tower Inn, 3004 Canal

If you haven't trekked out to the East End wild game hot dog and craft beer bar yet, you haven't truly lived. Not only does the spot boast one of the chillest yards and most laidback crowd in Houston, you can also get a feta-cheese-topped, sambal-mayo-smothered, jalapeño-and-beer-kraut-loaded wild boar weenie on a pretzel bun. We'd call that a win.

Picnic Dog Where to get it: Good Dog Houston, 903 Studewood

These weenie masters up the ante on a traditional chili dog with a thick and chunky beef and chorizo chili that has a saucy sweet heat and tactfully greasy finish. Then they tack on housemade mustard and a thinly spiraled dill pickle for a puckered crunch. But that's not all. Remember that potato-salad loaded dog we referenced earlier? That would be this massive dog, right here. Get it for $7.50 and pretty much have the best day of your life.

Texas Chili Dog Where to get it: Happy Fatz, 3510 White Oak

Get happy with a Texas-style chili dog ($8) that is worthy of its Lone Star moniker. That's because not only is the plump frank piled with a thick, beefy chili made with SHINER BOCK, it's also topped with onions and Fritos in an homage to everyone's favorite gluttonous snack: the Frito pie.

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Pheasant Dog Where to get it: Sammy's Wild Game Grill, 3715 Washington

It's all about the antelope, venison, buffalo, elk, kangaroo and more at this Washington Avenue burger and dog spot. But we particularly love the plump pheasant dog ($6.75), served in a soft and chewy pretzel bun with your choice of toppings (may we suggest fried onions, bacon and jalapeños?) and sauce (the Cajun rémoulade is magnificent, but try the ghost pepper if you're a spice fiend).

Korean-Style Frank Where to get it: Koagie Hots

This Korean-style comfort food truck makes all kinds of awesome hot dogs. Our favorite is the signature Koagie Dog ($7.50) -- a big and juicy 1/4 lb Hebrew National frankfurter blanketed with a crap ton bulgogi, kimchi aioli, crunchy slaw, and a fried egg...because why not!

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