Try These Five Chili-Smothered Dishes in Houston

Fall is here and we've got one thing on the mind: eating a crap ton of chili. It's the ultimate comfort food...especially when it gets smothered on top of other comfort foods. Check out these five chili-packed foods that go way beyond the bowl.

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What: Chili Cheese Mac Where: Jus' Mac

Question: How do you make one of the city's awesomest, cheesiest mac and cheeses even better? Jus' Mac knows the answer. Jus' mix it with ladles homemade chili, top it off with more cheese, add on Fritos, and serve it piping hot and heaping inside an mini cast iron skillet ($6.95). Maybe the eatery should change its name to Jus' Genius.

What: Kobe Beef Chili Dog Where: Canopy

High-quality ingredients are the name of the game at this Montrose stand-by. The saucy, meaty chili is made with grass-fed Sabra Ranch beef, the hot dog is made with kobe beef, and the buns are made in-house. Melted cheddar, jalapeños, onions, and plenty of twiggy frites round out the $12 meal.

What: Chili Cheese Fries Where: Bernie's Burger Bus

This burger master's crisp and pillowy hand-cut fries are pretty good on their own. But we can't resist going all the way with some of chef and owner Justin Turner's thick housemade chili, melted cheddar, and fiery chipotle aioli. $8.50 will get you an order that's big enough to share.

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What: Chili Burger Where: Little Bitty Burger Barn

The owners may have changed, but LBBB's made-to-order burgers remain as good as ever. Especially the absolutely smothered chili burger ($5.75 for a quarter-pound, $7.25 for a half), which gets a heavy-handed ladle of slow-cooked chili that just oozes beefy richness. Warning: You'll need a fork for this one.

What: Enchiladas & Frito Pie Where: El Real Tex-Mex Cafe

El Real's chunky, beefy chili con carne is pleasantly darker and richer than the kind served at most Tex-Mex haunts. We can't decide how we like it more. Blanketing housemade cheese enchiladas alongside rice and lard-laced beans ($11.95) or piled atop a bag of Fritos with gooey cheese and chopped white onions ($6.95). Good thing the Frito Pie makes a mighty fine appetizer.

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