Try These Five Monster Breakfast Dishes in Houston

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We agree...especially when it involves one of these completely gluttonous, monster-sized morning treats.

From a bacon-iced cinnamon roll to something nicknamed "7 Layers of Heaven", here they are:

Warning: Consuming the following will likely result in food coma.

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What: Bacon-Iced Sinaroll Roll Where to get it: Cook & Collins

Imagine a normal cinnamon bun. Now imagine that normal cinnamon bun took performance enhancing drugs. That's what you'll get at this Midtown eatery, where the brunch starter ($7) comes bigger than your head. A healthy slathering of bacon icing (yes, we said BACON icing) and a few slithers of toasted almond finishes this bad boy off. Oh, and a giant steak knife stabbed in the center; you'll be needing that.

What: Biscuits & Gravy w/ Chicken-fried Steak Where to get it: Ousie's Table

Classic biscuits and gravy are pretty heavy on their own, but add on a chicken-fried steak and you have a breakfast worthy of a true Texan. Available at 7 a.m. on weekdays (and 8 a.m. on weekends), this Southern-style breakfast plate ($16) comes piled with a giant hunk of crisp and craggly CFS, fluffed and buttery housemade biscuits, and thick, creamy black pepper milk gravy.

What: The Pancake Omelet Where to get it: Harry's Restaurant & Cafe

This Midtown diner has no shortage of awesome breakfast-stuffs, but their egg-and-pancake hybrid takes the cake (or the pancake, really). The pancake omelet is pretty much just what it sounds like: a fluffy 2-egg meat-and-cheese omelet (choose bacon, ham, sausage, or screw it -- all three) with a seriously huge pancake wrapped around it. Just add syrup and attempt to destroy. Good luck!

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What: A 7-Stack Where to get it: Union Kitchen

Forget measly 3-stacks, this funky kitchen's 7-stack ($8) is where it's at. The fluffy, nutty, and absolutely buttery hotcakes come piled high and served with REAL maple syrup. You may not have trouble finishing them after all.

What: 7-Layer Croque Madame Where to get it: Eleven XI

If you thought seven layers of pancakes was cool, just wait until you try this Eleven XI's "7 Layers of Heaven" ($23). That's a croque madame stacked with buttery toasted challah, Prosciutto de Parma, speck, sopressata and smoked duck breast -- with more buttery challah stuffed in between, of course. And as if it needed any more decadence, the delicious monstrosity gets smothered with a rich Manchego béchamel and topped with a fried egg. Perhaps you want to share this one.

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