Try These Five Monster Sandwiches in Houston (Part II)

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We've already written about Five Monster Sandwiches to Try in Houston. But there's so much goodness going on between two slices all over town, we had to come back with five more. Here they are, in all their overstuffed and fatty glory:

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The Pitboss "Chickwich" Where to get it: Beaver's, 2310 Decatur

Warning: this boss of a sandwich is a ten napkin-er. Sloppy as all hell, the overloaded chickwich comes packed with shreds of tender, truly smoky BBQ chicken, crispy onions, coleslaw, and an oozing fried egg, all on a pillowy, eggy bun. Get it with a pile of fries for $15.50.

The Zombie Where to get it: Cafe TH, 2108 Pease

Filled with things such as tender pork meatballs, char-grilled chicken and pork, bacon, eggs, pickled jalapeño, pate, and French butter, this Vietnamese spot's banh mi are all good. So you may as well go for the Zombie Banh Mi, the $16 foot-long sandwich that is filled with all of the above and more, plus a tongue-scorching, ghost chili oil "zombie sauce." And if you're feeling particularly crazy, try the annual Zombie Challenge, where the footlong becomes a 4.75 lb 22-incher that you have to finish in 30 minutes.

BBQ Pulled Wild Boar Where to get it: Sammy's Wild Game Grill, 3715 Washington

Kansas City BBQ gets Houston swagger at this wild game joint. With cilantro slaw, pickles, pepper jack, fried onion string, and pull apart, meltingly tender wild boar slathered in Snubb's BBQ sauce and stuffed inside a pretzel bun, this 'wich is well worth the $9.95 price tag.

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The Fried Egg Sandwich Where to get it: Max's Wine Dive, multiple locations

When you need a steak knife to cut through a breakfast sandwich, you know you're in for trouble. The most delicious kind of trouble, that is. This monstrous sandwich starts with two slices of truffle-mayo-slathered sourdough and ends with a buttery mess all over your hands and face. In this middle comes melted Gruyere, lettuce, tomato, applewood-smoked bacon, and three yolky fried eggs. Get it with house truffle chips for $15.

Foot-Long Lobster Roll Where to get it: Maine-ly Sandwiches, multiple locations

This is no Subway footlong. Stacked with hunks of plump, fresh from Maine lobster meat (owner Buddy Charity has it shipped in fresh every week), the sandwich comes simply dressed with lemon-aoili, salt and pepper between a crisp, buttery griddled bun. Get it for $19.99 (and know that it's big enough to share).

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