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Try These Five Outrageously Awesome Shellfish Dishes in Houston

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Lobster, shrimp, crab, oysters...these shellfish are all delicious when simply prepared. But sometimes you just want to soak them in beer-butter or coat them in an ultra-thick spiced batter and deep fry them whole until they are crunchy-as-all-hell. And that, our friends, is what we're looking at today. Check out these five outrageously delicious shellfish eats:

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Black Pepper Beer Lobster Where to get it: Hai Cang Seafood Restaurant, 11768 Bellaire

What if we told you that you could get two succulent, wok-fried whole lobsters for $19.99? And what if we told you said lobsters were tossed in a butter, beer, and black pepper and cut into chunks so that each and every crevice is dripping with the rich and spicy hot butter sauce? See you at Hai Cang.

Crawfish Two Ways Where to get it: Joyce's Seafood & Steaks, 6415 San Felipe

When you can't decide between fried and smothered, get both! At Joyce's, the half and half plate comes fully loaded with puffy, crispy-fried crawfish tails and a decadent, buttery blond crawfish etouffee ($16.95).

Shrimp, Crab, & Fried Oyster Campechana Where to get it: Liberty Kitchen, 1050 Studewood

Chef Travis Lenig calls Liberty Kitchen's cuisine "good, honest food" in "man's portions." We tend to agree.

The absolutely loaded Gulf shrimp and blue crab campechana ($15) comes in a jumbo glass that is most definitely tall enough to share with a few friends.

Top it with fried oysters for an extra $2 and dig into the sweet and tangy appetizer -- which has chunks of tomato, avocado, cucumber, and green olive peaking throughout -- alongside a couple of cold ones.

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Seafood Pizza Where to get it: Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar, 307 Fairview

This Montrose wine bar's lavash-crust pizzas always draw a crowd, but their newly renovated Sea & River Pies really capture our hearts. While our dearly beloved Lobster Verde pizza is no longer on the menu (bring it back!), there are two awesome crab creations that are worthy opponents. The Mediterranean Crab ($18), is slathered with nutty pesto, smoked mozz, and giant hunks of lump crab meat; while The Singaporean ($18) is smothered with red pepper spread, buttery crab and extra ghee (clarified butter).

Soft-Shell Crab Bao Where to get it: Fat Bao , 3419 Kirby

This super crunchy soft-shell crab bao ($5) is one of our favorite versions of the puffy steamed buns in town. The fried crab gets nestled into a bed of Asian-inspired slaw and smothered with a kicked-up spicy mayo before being stuffed into the soft, yeasty bun. The bao are small, so get a few and add an order of crisp and twiggy fries -- which we then suggest you stack into each bao to take the sandwiches to a new level of gluttony.

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