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Try These Five Seriously Awesome Lamb Dishes in Houston

You don’t need to be at a fancy, expensive restaurant to enjoy good lamb. From a fiery lamb sausage to lamb keema smothered fries, these five seriously good lamb-loaded dishes prove that it’s not all about the racks and chops:

Lamb Keema Poutine 
Where to get it: The Queen Vic Pub & Kitchen, 2712 Richmond

Here’s one for your bucket list: Down a pint alongside Indian-style poutine at a British pub in Houston. The plump and crisp house-cut chips come loaded and drenched with melted paneer and mozzarella, lamb keema and a spicy tomato-coriander masala gravy. Get the crazy good plate for $7 at happy hour.

Spiced Lamb Shank

Where to get it: Darband ShishKabob, 5670 Hillcroft

This Hillcroft hidden gem, which has been open since 1986 and claims to be the oldest Persian restaurant in Houston, has hands down one of the best (and most delectable) values in town. For $9.95, get a massive turmeric-spiced lamb shank so tender, it really will fall off the bone. Scoop it up onto some freshly baked flatbread and lemon dill rice.

Moroccon Sliders
Where to get them: MKT Bar, 1001 Austin

These grilled lamb burgers may be itty-bitty in size, but they’re absolutely huge in flavor. Warm with spices and piled with fiery shanklish cheese, Moroccan olives, citrus and lebni garlic aioli – all on homemade brioche – these sliders ($14) are one bar snack not to be missed.

Lamb Hot Dog

Where to get it: Moon Tower Inn, 3004 Canal

It’s no secret that this chill craft beer and weenie joint makes one hell of a dog. Head here for a couple of cold-ass beers and a fiery, harissa-kissed lamb merguez sausage that you can load with things like housemade creole mustard, sambal mayo, feta and jalapeño.

Lamb Barbacoa
Where to get it: El Hidalguense, 6917 Long Point

Hit this cozy, family-run restaurant for consistently awesome Mexican fare, including the house specialty – Hidalgo-style lamb barbacoa. Listed as barbacoa de Borrego, the lamb is cooked in maguey leaves before being stewed in salsa verde until it’s the epitome of moist and tender. Pile it into fresh corn tortillas along with silky-smooth beans for the ultimate satisfaction.
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