Try These Five Seriously Delicious Biscuits Dishes in Houston

Everybody loves a good flaky, buttery and golden brown biscuit. But when slathered and smothered with things like chorizo gravy or creme fraiche, these 5 Houston spots take flaky, buttery, and golden brown biscuits to the next level.

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Scratch-made Biscuits w/ Crème Fraiche Where to get it: Blacksmith, 1018 Westheimer

Though this Montrose café's coffees and teas are on point, the scratch-made biscuits alone are reason enough to visit. Crisp on the outside and incredibly flaky in the middle, the rustic biscuits are over the top buttery without being greasy. Simply spread the warm biscuits with cool crème fraîche and sweet marmalade, but if you're looking for a bigger meal, the housemade sausage, cheddar, and an oozing egg number is equally fantastic.

Funky Pot Pie Where to get it: Funky Chicken, 181 Heights

An already decadent chicken pot pie is made all the better with chunks of tender, buttery biscuit dough popping throughout. More like a chicken stew than a contained pie, the chicken and veggie loaded gravy that smothers the dough gets topped with another golden-brown, big-ass biscuit for good measure. Get the comforting meal for $8.49.

Crawdads Biscuit Where to get it: Punk's Simple Southern Food, 5212 Morningside

This Southern-style kitchen ups the ante on old-fashioned biscuits and gravy by smothering its impossibly buttery and beautifully fluffy buttermilk biscuit in a creamy, rich crawdad-loaded etouffee. Get the absolutely smothered treat for $6.

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Home-style Biscuits & Gravy Where to get them: Lankford Grocery, 88 Dennis

Lankford's old-fashioned biscuits and gravy taste like your mawmaw made them. That is, if your maw-maw made buttery-as-all-hell, crisped biscuits with a dark, seriously creamy pepper-spiked gravy and two beautiful sausage discs at its side. Get the Saturday only breakfast for just $5, but don't forget it's cash only.

Disco Biscuit Where to get it: Eatsie Boys Cafe, 4100 Montrose

Trust us when we say you can trust the Eastie Boys. Especially because they serve up a hot and fresh buttermilk biscuit completely blanketed with a rich and spicy chorizo gravy, two sunny side up eggs, and hunks of smoky bacon. Get the disco party in your mouth for $12 all day, every day.

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