Tweet and Eat with the Houston Chowhounds and PBS

Twenty dollars goes pretty far tomorrow night when the Houston Chowhounds host a fundraiser and viewing party at 14 Pews (the former location of the Aurora Picture Show) for HoustonPBS from 6:30 to 11:30 p.m.

The party, Bon AppeTweet, encourages food fans to come out, Tweet and eat while they watch an evening of PBS specials Rick Sebak: A Breakfast Special, Sandwiches That You Will Like, A Hot Dog Program and An Ice Cream Show. And in between those shows on Wednesday night, PBS will be airing Houston Hot Spots, a look at local places that offer some of the best breakfasts, sandwiches, hot dogs and scoops in town.

The $20 admission to Bon AppeTweet buys you an evening filled with food -- hot dogs from Revival Meats and Slow Dough Bread Co., sandwiches from Flora & Muse, gelato from Trentino and beer from St. Arnold -- but it also buys you something that'll stick with you long after you leave: a year-long membership to HoustonPBS.

Even if you aren't able to make tomorrow night's event, you can still help support HoustonPBS by Tweeting along as you watch the specials on Channel 8. Each Tweet that uses the hashtag #HoustonPBSEats will result in $1 being donated to HoustonPBS by Whole Foods, so Twitter away. (Just warn your friends ahead of time in case they want to TwitterSnooze you for the evening.)

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