Pot Luck

Two Cent Tortillas and Organic Masa

I paid 70 cents for a 36-count bag of tortillas at Ayala's Tortilla Factory on Fulton the other day. As you might imagine, the tortillas at the factory are extremely fresh, along with being cheap. Of course, I was hoping that this seemingly obscure tortilla factory was making masa from fresh nixtamal, in which case this would count as a major find. Too bad it wasn't so.

But the cheap tortillas lead me to another discovery.

The factory uses a brand of masa seca made in Muleshoe, Texas called Minsa. The factory sells Minsa-brand masa seca if you want to take some home. The market for dried masa is dominated by a Mexican company called Maseca, which has been tied to corruption in the Mexican government. So it's nice to have a Texas alternative.

And news reports indicate that the Minsa company has started making masa seca from organic corn. That's a product that a lot of people I know would want to buy. I wonder if this means we'll be seeing more organic corn tortillas hit the mainstream grocery stores soon?

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Robb Walsh
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