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Two Ways to Get Over the Texans' Loss on Sunday

I hear the Texans lost on Sunday. I say "hear" because I couldn't bear the stress of watching the playoff game, and instead spent the afternoon away from all televisions and Internet-enabled phones at a living history museum in Lafayette, where the locals were already smarting after the Saints' loss the previous day.

A lot of Texans fans are still smarting three days out from the loss, which many are pinning solely on Jacoby Jones. "I made a mistake," the remorseful receiver told the Chronicle on Sunday. "I'll get over it."

Texans fans are having a harder time "getting over it," but we have two news items that may ease their pain a bit.


Kentucky Fried Chicken (which I've been known to take solace in myself) is offering a special to Texans fans through the end of this week. KFC will send hot wings (in the form of $5 gift check) to Houston fans that suffered through a "fowl" end to their season -- pun courtesy of the press release.

Fans are instructed to follow @kfc_colonel on Twitter and tweet a picture that conveys how things went "a fowl" using the hash tag #KFCWingman. KFC's hot wings are only 50 cents apiece right now, so the $5 gift certificate will net you 10 wings with which you can watch the next round of of playoff games.

And although this next bit of news won't get you fed, it will go a long way to helping Houston's hungry get a good meal: The owners of The Modular promised over Twitter that they would donate $50 to the Houston Food Bank for each sack the Texans made in the game against the Ravens.

Five sacks later, The Modular men were in the hole $250 to the Food Bank. Amy Ragan, director of development for the Houston Food Bank, accepted the check from Joshua Martinez and Lyle Bento yesterday afternoon. The donation provided a total of 750 meals, proving that the Texans' loss wasn't all for naught.

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Katharine Shilcutt