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Ty-Lör Boring, Recently Jilted Top Chef Contestant, Isn't So Boring Naked

If you're still smarting over the departure of goofy Ty-Lör Boring from last night's episode of Top Chef: Texas, I've got good news for you. Sort of. Frankly, it depends on how big of a perv you are.

One of my friends, who shall remain unnamed, emailed me this afternoon absolutely shattered that Ty had been sent packing. Ugly Chris deserved to go, he said, "NOT my husband, Ty-Lör."

"By the way," he finished, "did you see the hot NUDE photos of Ty-Lör?? He's a keeper in my book!"


I really shouldn't be surprised these days that there are nude photos of anyone floating around the Interwebs. That's what the Internet has reduced us to. There's probably a photo spread of German Chancellor Angela Merkel out there somewhere (you know she was saucy when she was younger...). But I was still surprised to find out that one of the contestants from the show I've been covering all season has nudie pics out there somewhere, man bits dangling around for all of humankind to inspect, and I hadn't seen them until Fleshbot dug them up from an old issue of Headmaster Magazine, which it tells us is a "gay naked art rag."

And I'll have to agree with my friend: Ty-Lör is a keeper. It doesn't matter that he's a gay man and I'm a straight lady. That's why I have a crush on Neil Patrick Harris; he's my imaginary gay boyfriend.

Ty-Lör is a sight to behold, all manly and furry like a wee baby bear. I can see why he drives all teh gheys crazy. At the risk of sounding super pervy, I'll stop there and direct you to examine the rest of the photos for yourself at your own risk -- there's a lot of full-frontal Ty-Lör up in these shots.

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Katharine Shilcutt