UberEATS Substantially Expands Delivery Area and Hours in Houston

Good news for busy, hungry Houstonians — UberEATS has more than tripled the size of its delivery area and now runs from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. In addition, there is now a dedicated UberEATS app. It’s the first time the company has released an app that is not related to its ridesharing service.

During lunchtime in the coverage area, the company is still promising that meals will arrive in ten minutes or less. Neighborhoods added to the coverage area include Montrose, Greater Heights, Rice Village and even parts of the Memorial and Galleria areas near the 610 Loop.

Uber makes it very easy to download the new, separate app. Once the regular Uber app is opened, users will immediately get a prompt to install the UberEATS app. Even better, the app installation prompt also shows a discount code of HTXEATS. First-time UberEATS users will get a 50 percent discount on their first meal delivery, up to $10 off.

The company has also added several restaurants to the rosters since the service started in October 2015. On the menu for “instant” lunch delivery are Union Kitchen, Asia Market, El Tiempo, Paul’s Catering, Alli’s Pizzeria, Red Dessert Dive, Dish Society, Sticky’s Chicken, Jax Grill, Little Bigs, Saigon House and Candelari’s Pizzeria.

Even more restaurants are available now the entire delivery window (including lunch), although the delivery time can be longer than the "instant" meals. Unlike express lunch delivery, in which drivers have freshly made meals already in the car, during normal hours, the Uber driver has to actually go pick up your order first.

The expanded hours mean that UberEATS is more in direct competition with the many other food delivery services that have cropped up in Houston over the past year or two, like Zifty, Favor and Door Dash. Consumers should compare the services to see which provide the fastest delivery and the best value.

Still, UberEATS has two substantial differences: The meals are curated ("instant" meals aren't customizable in case of food preferences or sensitivities, although those during normal delivery are), and customers do not have to tip extra to the driver. Either way, another convenient, time-saving option will be welcomed by many in the expanded delivery area. 
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Phaedra Cook
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