UH Student Entrepreneurs Develop a Tomatillo Enchiladas Video

Four University of Houston students who met in an entrepreneurship class decided the best way they could handle a class assignment was to make a video showing how to make tomatillo enchiladas. They could help out the student community while they were doing something they like to do.

And then they offered to share it with Houston Press readers.

"Given our background and the rich food culture of Houstonians, making a how-to video for tomatillo enchiladas was the answer," said senior Alan Williams, who you'll see in the video. "We hope to reach other college students who need easy cooking ideas, as well as those home chefs who love the Tex-Mex taste but might not want to make the trip out to their local Tex-Mex joint."

Fellow senior Melissa Montemayor is also featured in the video. She says she loves to cook and grew up in a first-generational Mexican-American home.

"Our recipe is an infusion of recipes that were handed down to us from our parents and grandparents mixed with our lazy-chef style of cooking that is simple enough for the beginner cook, yet still has all the flavors we have come to love in Tex-Mex food," Williams, who learned to cook from his mom, said.

The video was directed and produced by Ashmita Keswani, a sophomore, and Seth Chavez, a senior. "Both really enjoy Tex-Mex food, but their skills lie more in the technology and production side rather than in the kitchen," Williams said.

So have a look. We think you'll give them full marks for enterprise, enthusiasm and technical skills both in and out of the kitchen.

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