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Upcoming Events: How Much Spice Can You Handle?

The Bird & The Bear will host a Wild Game Dinner on Wednesday, August 13, crafted by executive chef Martin Valeiro; all of the game meat featured in this dinner is sourced from local farms and ranches. Choose three courses for $35 (or $45 with wine pairings), or fill up on four courses for $45 ($60 with wine). The August Wild Game Dinner features a salad with smoked gouda and foie gras for the first course, followed by venison tartar for the second course, and braised wild hare for the third course. Indulge your sweet tooth in a Kahlua chocolate flan for dessert. Make a reservation for dinner at The Bird & The Bear on the second Wednesday in August to feast on wild game.

Prohibition Supper Club & Bar is getting ready to reopen downtown, and on Thursday, August 14, from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m., the restaurant will hold a preview dinner at Kraftsmen Baking. Check out the new menu before Prohibition opens its doors to the public. Ben McPherson and Matt Wommack will serve a family-style dinner paired with wine for $75 per person. All of the proceeds from the test kitchen dinner will benefit Recipe for Success.

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