Upcoming Events: The All-Texas Edition

The pork taquitos from Molina's that we enjoyed so much at the Rodeo's Best Bites event in late February were a refreshing change from some of the heavier entries: just tender, shredded pork wrapped in a soft corn tortilla and topped with a tangy salsa verde. They were a hit all around and ended up taking the second-place prize for the evening, but I just wanted to know one thing: Would the taquitos be making an appearance on the menu at Molina's? The answer is yes -- but for a limited time. You can try the tasty taquitos for yourself for $8.95 at Houston's oldest Tex-Mex restaurant. The deal includes three of the taquitos with that kicky tomatillo sauce, along with rice and beans and, of course, chips and salsa.

Speaking of Tex-Mex, H-E-B is celebrating Texas's independence from Mexico with a two-week-long Tex-Fest through March 15. The "festival" highlights the best of Texas products -- of which San Antonio-based H-E-B is one itself -- by offering specials on Texas produce, ice creams, baked goods, beer, flowers, wine, beef and more. Messina Hof will be doing in-store tastings, and all of H-E-B's cooking demonstrations through March 15 will feature recipes using Texas products.

H-E-B isn't the only one spotlighting Texas products this month, however.

The man behind Houston food blog Bite Me Houston, Mike Cortez, is hosting a Tequila Throwdown next Saturday, March 12. A dozen Texas-produced tequilas will be competing against one another, and only one will be crowned El Rey. The throwdown starts at 8 p.m. at Momentum BMW Southwest (10002 Southwest Freeway) and is free to the public, with two concessions: You must be older than 21, and you're strongly encouraged to bring a canned food donation for the Houston Food Bank.

And for dessert? Check out Chik-fil-A. The famously closed-on-Sundays fast food joint is offering that Texas dessert classic -- banana pudding -- in milkshake form for a limited time. Through June 4, you can attempt to suck up banana pudding through a straw: The milkshake is made with real bananas, real Nilla wafers, vanilla and Chik-fil-A's soft-serve style ice cream.

EOW reader Eric Sandler kindly acted as a guinea pig on Monday and tried it himself. The result? "Chik-Fil-A Banana Pudding milkshake was bananalicious, but pieces of nilla wafer occasionally too big for straw." That's a problem we can definitely deal with.

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Katharine Shilcutt