Update: Pappas to Revisit Goofy Oysters

Pat yourselves on the back, your bitching and moaning has paid off. The ridiculous practive of serving half shell oysters standing upright shoved into a mound of shaved ice is being reevaluated by the Pappas gang. Christina H. Pappas, P.R. Manager of Pappas Restaurants, Inc. emailed me on Friday. She said that several people in her organization brought our blog post and your comments to her attention. (Read the text of her letter in the comments section of the post.)

In reponse to complaints about the oyster presentation at Pappadeaux, Pappas said an oyster reeducation effort is under way among servers. She said the chain would reevaluate the way half shell oysters are presented. Christina Pappas also noted that the next several weeks are going to be a great time to eat oysters, so we hope they get the improved presentation figured out pretty fast.

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Robb Walsh
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