Closing sooner than anticipated
Closing sooner than anticipated
Photo by Craig Wilkins

Van Loc Closes Earlier Than Expected -- As in Today

Van Loc restaurant, whose surprise announcement last week that it was closing sometime before Thanksgiving, closed today around the noon hour.

The sign posted on the door thanked customers for their support through the years.

On Tuesday night, the restaurant was packed with people who were obviously trying to get another visit in. Uncharacteristically, the kitchen ran out of several items -- pork dishes were unavailable fairly early on. As of 7 p.m. some types of wine weren't there and a diner who asked for a to-go box was told they had no more.

Waiters were apologetic and suggested substitutes as quickly as possible and it was clearly not business as usual.

A cashier said she'd heard that morning that they'd be closing this Friday, which surprised her, she said, because she thought they'd have a few more weeks.

And in the end, they didn't have that.

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