Food Trucks

Veals on Wheels: Rejected Food Truck Names

Last week, assistant music editor Craig Hlavaty amused the entire office by forwarding a link to Filmdrunk's recent post, "Ideas for Movie-Themed Food Trucks." On the front page was the Photoshopped image of a "Hunan Centipede" food truck that haunted us all for days.

Talk about a rejected food truck name.

Later that week, I bantered with fellow staff writer Craig Malisow about more "rejected food truck names," coming up with some pretty lame ideas: Hot Dogs-n-Cats, Corn on the Cholera. Malisow suggested Hit 'n' Run and was chagrined when I told him that there's already a Hit 'n' Run food truck in Houston, advertising -- you guessed it -- "killer street food."

Undaunted, we came up with a list of more rejected food truck names -- well, mostly Malisow did -- for any future Houston food trucks who, like Hit 'n' Run, really want to take it that extra mile.

I Scream: Staffed entirely by paroled child molesters dressed as Pennywise the Clown. Try the John Wayne Ga-sundae with extra nuts.

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Katharine Shilcutt