Vegan Cake from Jodycakes

Having a few things to celebrate with a vegan friend, I decided to order a cake from Jodycakes. Even though Jody Stevens bakes regular cakes, she specializes in vegan, gluten-free and organic varieties -- not that you could tell from the flavor that anything is "missing."

My hand-delivered cake was dark chocolate-almond, with chocolate buttercream frosting. It really was beautiful, with buttons of frosting around the edges and shaved chocolate sprinkled on top. Better yet, it tasted delicious, with hands-down the best buttercream frosting I've ever eaten and a moist, flavorful cake. We were so pleased with it, we embarrassingly hogged the entire thing between the two of us.

As it turns out, the cake I ordered is Jody's favorite for duping non-vegans. Her test of a good cake is when you can pass it off to a non-vegan, not mentioning it's "without eyeballs," and wait to see if he thinks it's tasty. Jody was in the Air Force during Desert Storm, and while she was overseas, she practiced her baking by whipping up treats for the guys in the dorm. She was exposed to vegan eating back in college by a friend, and when she moved to L.A. four years ago, where there is a market for things like vegan and gluten-free foods, she started Jodycakes. She has since relocated to Houston.

"There are more vegans and vegetarians than one might think in Space City USA," says Jody. "It's not like they are aliens, or yeti - they just chose a different way to eat. And in my opinion, they deserve cake too."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.