Venezuelan Street Food - Catered

We were recently fortunate enough to sample some homemade Venezuelan empanadas that were muy deliciosos. Made by Rosalba Verde, a native of Venezuela, the flaky pastry dough came in several versions -- stuffed full of chorizo and potato, ground beef, or chicken breast mixed with green olives, onions and mild spices -- and served with a refreshing onion-cilantro salsa verde. We sampled all the flavors and were especially impressed with the ground beef. We heard there is also a spinach-and-cheese versions for those less carnivorous than ourselves.

Most South American countries have their own version of the empanada, and it's often sold as a street food. Typically, empanadas consist of pastry dough folded over a mixture of meat, chicken, eggs and/or cheese. What makes these Venezuelan empanadas so flaky and crisp is that they are deep-fried, unlike those found in the southern Andes, which are generally baked.

These will class up any Super Bowl party. How to get them, after the jump.

Rosalba Verde, a native of Venezuela, makes them in her home and then delivers your order either ready for the fryer or pre-cooked for fast enjoyment. We've already ordered a truckload for our Super Bowl party. Oh yeah, and we recommend ordering by the dozen, because we "accidentally" consumed about six as a "snack." If you want any more information on how to get your hands on some of these tasty Venezuelan treats, contact

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Geri Maria Harris