Pot Luck

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter

When I wrote about radishes and butter for breakfast recently, a reader called Rad commented "aficionados of this dish are REAL particular about the butter, tending to favor high milkfat butter like Plugra." It doesn't take much to convince me to go buy some expensive butter. I used to buy the French butter with chunky fleur de sel crystals at Central Market all the time. It came in a cute little wicker basket.

This time I tried the cultured butter with seasalt from Vermont Creamery. Cultured butter is made from crème fraiche, which is essentially sour cream. It has a richer flavor than regular butter. Vermont Creamery, is a company founded by a couple with a passion for European-style creamery products.

Vermont Creamery's cultured butter with seasalt comes in a little wicker basket too. The sea salt isn't as intense and the crunchy texture is missing, but the butter is excellent. And I like the idea of supporting an upscale dairy industry in the U.S. (Anybody in Texas making gourmet butter?)

This stuff tastes damn good with breakfast radishes.

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