[Video] Working Out Livers and Legs at the Brew Mile Houston

Beer and running are good friends. Sure, people may argue over the science of whether or not that post-run beer will actually help you out any, but any positive science is really just a bonus; you drink the beer because after a run you've earned it.

As such, it should come as no surprise that beer runs are a thing. Is a mid-run beer just as good as a post-run beer? That's the kind of question you can only answer through experimentation, and what better place to try some beer run science than The Brew Mile, a magical place where beer is waiting for you every 1/4 of a mile.

And so Houston got their running shoes and, in some cases, costumes, and ran that magical mile, drinking their beer along the way, their final stop the open bar party at the end.

And it was for a good cause too.

The charity partners for the Brew Mile Houston were Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Girls on the Run, Comp-U-Dopt and FFP Running Clubs.

As you see in our video, shot by videographer Lance Childers, beer loving runners from around the city seemed to have quite the good time running and drinking and helping out their community. And really, more of these fun runs need to focus on the party/beer aspect as opposed to the torture/mud aspect. Better to give your liver and your legs a proper workout every once and a while.

And really, doesn't climbing over walls get boring after the 5th or 6th time you do it?

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