What's better than beer? Fried chicken and beer!
What's better than beer? Fried chicken and beer!
Photo by Chuck Cook Photography

Vote and Get a Free Beer at The Bird House

The Bird House, Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company and the upcoming Southern Goods restaurant from chef Lyle Bento and partner Charles Bishop want you to get out and vote in the November 4 elections. They are also willing to reward you for it with a free beer.

The event is called "Don't Be a Chicken and Vote" and it starts at 5 p.m. at The Bird House. Show up with proof that you voted and with the purchase of fried chicken you'll get a free beer from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company.

Bento himself is making a special dish for the event. He'll be doing a Korean Fried Chicken with kimchee hush puppies on the side.

The Bird House is located in the old Boil House spot, which is on hiatus since it's not crawfish season. The event runs until either supplies run out or 10 p.m., whichever comes first. It's just one more incentive to get out and do your civic duty.

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